Aquaneers core product is Plasmonic Ribbon™, an innovative nanomaterial platform for energy conversion

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January 14, 2019 – Aquaneers™ selected to receive Phase I SBIR award from the US Dept. of Energy to apply its Plasmonic Ribbon™ product to the catalytic synthesis of CO2 into methanol.

What We Do

Aquaneers™ was founded by people who are passionate about clean technology and realistic about successfully developing and deploying them. The company strives daily to improve the world through the application of nanotechnology to sustainability with the development of innovative energy conversion materials.

Utilization of CO2 for Menthanol Synthesis

Today’s methanol plants produce over half a ton of carbon dioxide per ton of methanol. Aquaneers technology allows carbon-based fuels to be produced from non-fossil sources using renewable power for a carbon negative outcome. The Plasmonic Ribbon™ enables methanol production from CO2 and hydrogen using solar power to generate fuel, storing energy while reducing atmospheric CO2. Aquaneers was awarded a phase I SBIR from the U.S Department of energy to apply the Plasmonic Ribbon to renewable methanol synthesis through CO2 utilization.

Benefits of Plasmonic Ribbon Enhanced Methanol Synthesis

1.4 tons of CO2 consumed for every ton of methanol.
Enables solar energy and hydrogen to be stored as liquid fuel that is easy to store and ship.
Utilizing carbon emissions to produce fuel creates a fuel recyclable economy.
Existing Methanol Plants can increase their yield by 20% through CO2 utilization.

Our Team

Joe Habib
Avi Ulman
Richard Day
Head of Product Development
Changyi Li
Senior Research Scientist
Bronson Bonnett
Research Scientist
Sukanya Jain
Research Assistant

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