June 20, 2017 - Aquaneers™ awarded a $1,000,000 Phase II SBIR grant from the US Dept. of Energy to commercialize its Plasmonic Ribbon energy conversion nanomaterial and its AquaSol Solar Desalination System.

Who We Are

Aquaneers™ is a new venture that incorporated in January 2016 and was founded by Dr. Habib, Professor Ulman, and Mr. Day. Aquaneers™ was founded by people who are passionate about clean technology and realistic about successfully developing and deploying them. The company strives daily to improve the world through the application of nanotechnology to sustainability with the development of innovative energy conversion materials.


Aquaneers Team

Dr. Joe Habib

Joe is a physicist (PhD, MIT) and entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in commercial nanotechnology R&D. He is Aquaneers' CEO, providing both the scientific vision to successfully deploy our technology and the business acumen to launch a sustainable company.

Prof. Avi Ulman


Avi is a professor of Chemical and Biological engineering at NYU Tandon with over 185 peer-reviewed publications and 7 patents. He is a pioneer in nanotechnology and serves as Aquaneers CTO. Avi brings experience and keen insight to bear when solving the scientific challenges that arise in bringing solar desalination technology to fruition.

Richard Day
Chief Engineer

Richard began solar desalination research during his bachelor's program. An active member of NYU’s start-up and green communities, his passion for the promise of truly clean water led to the formation of Aquaneers. Now, as Aquaneers heads towards commercialization, he integrates customer needs into product design.

Everyday we benefit from sharing this world's air and this world's water so we must also share in its protection. Aquaneers will remain dedicated and our efforts unwavering as we continue to create innovations that will produce clean water and clean energy for a clean future.

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